Planning a Whole Home Remodel in a Coastal Community? Get Expert Help to Navigate the Permitting Process.

WholeRenderingLiving in a San Diego coastal community such as Encinitas, Carlsbad, Del Mar or La Jolla is a wonderful experience. But when you decide on a whole home remodel, each coastal community has its own specific community review process which can sometimes be confusing to the uninitiated. Successfully designing a home that will be built in these neighborhoods requires significant experience and a seasoned understanding of the layered processes involved.

For example, a whole home in La Jolla Shores that Jackson Design and Remodeling recently designed required review by three committees: the La Jolla Planning Community Association, the La Jolla Shores Permit Review Committee and the La Jolla Advisory Board. To gain “recommendations” or approval from these committees, our design solution needed to take into account the anticipated concerns of neighbors, both immediate and long term.
When you work with an accomplished team that understands the requirements of coastal reviews, you can rest assured that your project won’t run into unexpected delays or costs. Instead of worrying about permitting and reviews, you can concentrate on working with your architect and your design team to create the beautiful new home you are dreaming about!

With an experienced design build team guiding the process, you can potentially save a significant amount of time and money for a whole home remodel in a coastal community, while retaining the integrity of your original design choices.