Pledge Allegiance to American Design with Reclaimed Wood for Your Whole Home Remodel

Reclaimed wood for your whole home remodel is a design choice that expresses independence and creativity, two hallmarks of the American spirit. When your home design integrates reclaimed wood, you are living with a piece of American history. As we celebrate Independence Day this week, let’s take a look at how sustainable, recycled wood helps you express your individuality in the design of your whole home remodel:

Reclaimed wood can be used for flooring, ceilings and walls, structural beams (such as the one pictured here), furniture and shelving, or as an artful accent. The distress marks, patinas and edges of weathered wood give it a unique appearance that instantly lends character to its surroundings.

A reclaimed wood floor is often much harder than new wood flooring, since aged lumber is drier and thicker than new wood. Historical timbers have been expanding and contracting over time with changes in heat and the slow loss of moisture. This makes them more resistant to the elements.

Using reclaimed wood is an environmentally responsible choice. Wood salvaged from older structures is denser, harder and less likely to shrink or expand than wood from younger trees but doesn’t further deplete the forests.

Working with a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals, you can find reliable resources for the many types of reclaimed woods and consider how to best use them in your home. Explore the creative possibilities available for bringing a delightful and enduring sense of American history to your whole home remodel!