Put Your Second Home First This Summer

SummerHomeWith summer’s approach, those of us with second homes are usually planning to spend more time in them over the next few months. Is your second home everything you want it to be? If inadequate design and functionality is distracting you from fully enjoying your getaway retreat, consider a whole home remodel for your second home. Here are some ideas to make your second home ideal:

Adapt the design to your “getaway” lifestyle: Too often, a second home is simply a modified version of a primary home with a design that hasn’t adapted to the different lifestyle you enjoy while getting away from it all. When planning your remodel, think about how you spend most of your time in your second home. Are you reading and relaxing in solitude? Spending time in the garden? Entertaining friends in the kitchen? One of our clients uses their Oceanside home as a base for summer surfing adventures. Our remodel of their second home embraces this lifestyle choice with both design and functionality. Colors and materials reflect the Oceanside vibe, the kitchen is designed for casual entertaining, and the flooring was selected for water resistance and durability along with beauty and style.

Reflect your personal style: While simple and neutral might seem easier for a second home, there is so much more inspiration and relaxation to be found in a space that immediately welcomes you and your guests with warm and personal surroundings. If you are a collector, why not use your second home as a space to display some of your favorite finds? If you love to travel, a second home can provide a showcase for treasured keepsakes from memorable trips, or the design can reflect the style of one of your favorite destinations.

Focus on low maintenance: Since you won’t be in your home the majority of the time, the design should be easy to maintain. This is particularly important when planning your landscaping. Having adequate and innovative storage solutions for your linens, kitchen and bathroom supplies is also essential for a home that is visited less often.

Get creative with the help of a professional design team and make your second home one-of-a-kind!