Questions to Ask Yourself Before Your Whole Home Remodel

WholeHome_BlogRemodeling your entire home is a big decision. Careful preparation and planning help to make the process smooth and the end result satisfying. Here are some questions to ask yourself when you are considering a whole home remodel:

1. What is my current lifestyle like and how would I like to change my home to adapt to it?
Life transitions, such as children leaving home for college or new babies on the way are often the impetus for a whole home remodel. Empty nesters may want to consider simplifying their homes by streamlining space planning, or they may decide to add some small luxuries to their environment, such as wine coolers, beer dispensers, or other kitchen and dining upgrades to enhance a higher level of entertaining. Expanding families obviously need more room and may want to think about ways to transform their space to be more child-friendly.

2. What are my short and long term goals and needs for the space?
This is a consideration particularly for those who may be buying a home as an investment and do not plan to stay in the house for a long time. It’s important to plan for both the increase in retail value of your home’s eventual sale and for the enjoyment of the space while you live there.

3. What do I wish I had in my home?
A visit to a friend’s or neighbor’s home can sometimes set us to day dreaming about how our own environment could change. As you consider your own home remodel, think about visits to other people’s homes, especially those that were recently remodeled, and make notes about what you liked and didn’t like about those spaces.

4. What do I absolutely hate about my current home?
Well, “hate” is a strong word, but sometimes it needs to be said! Are you living with a decades-old kitchen that isn’t even ironically stylish? Is your closet space about half what it needs to be? Have you been tolerating a fluorescent recess from the seventies? Remember to catalog these annoyances as you plan for the new home you will love.

5. Do I need more space? If so, how much?
This is where a design professional can really be helpful. Space planning is an essential aspect of a successful whole home remodel. Maybe you need more space, but maybe you just need a better configuration of the space you already have. Working together with a professional designer, you can assess and plan accordingly.

6. How much do I plan to invest?
It is important to be realistic about how much a whole home remodel will cost. Have your checklist prepared from considering and answering the questions above and then talk to your contractor. Together, you can determine if your desires match up realistically with your budget.

A whole home remodel is an exciting project to undertake! Being prepared leads to the best end result.