Remix: Combining Design Styles

Whether you’re inspired by Mid-Century Modern, Traditional, Modern, or other styles, exploring ways to mix design elements establishes a timeless appeal in your whole home remodel. Combining styles makes your home feel authentic and original. It’s a skill that takes knowledge and practice to get right—balance is essential to success. Professional designers are invaluable during the process because of their education and experience integrating varying styles into exteriors and interiors.

We’ve included a few here to consider:

Mid-Century Modern: Clean lines, pops of color, and a connection to the outdoors characterize the Mid-Century aesthetic. Bring Mid-Century into your home during the architecture and design process, or with the simple addition of iconic furniture and lighting.

Traditional: Intricate details and luxurious materials in warm and comfortable surroundings epitomize Traditional design. To add a sense of history to your home, focus on hand-crafted cabinetry and dark wood details, swaths of sumptuous marble, and materials like silk and velvet.

Modern: Minimalism is the guiding principle for Modern design. If you want a modern feeling in your home, you’ll want to concentrate on open architectural design with clean lines and abundant natural lighting. Select decor with neutral and organic textures and crisp shapes.

Our professional design team can help you balance styles effectively for an aesthetic that feels personal to you. Look through our portfolio for inspiration!