Remodeling a Home Away from Home

Second HomeIs your second home everything you want it to be? With summer just around the corner, chances are you will be spending more time at your second home than at any other time of the year. If your visits are spent thinking about ways your second home could be more satisfying, here are some ideas for ways to make a significant difference:

1. Make it Work for You. Some people revel in downtime, taking the opportunity to catch up on summer reading or take afternoon naps in the backyard. Some prefer to garden. Others enjoy inviting friends for a visit to cook gourmet meals and drink wine together. For some second home owners, total retreat from everyday distractions is a must – such as a no television rule. For others, a small home office in their second home is a necessity. Spend some time reflecting about how you use your home now and how you would ideally enjoy spending time there. This will inform the majority of your decisions about remodeling your second home.

2. Create a Relaxing Retreat. A second home represents a place to “get away from it all.” The design of your home should reflect that feeling of relaxation in a way that is very personal. A favorite vacation spot can be a wonderful design inspiration, using cultural influences from another locale to reflect on treasured memories. Another idea is to make your second home a sanctuary for a relaxing hobby such as reading or gardening with an expansive library or lush landscaping. A spa-like bathroom is a popular option in a second home, where there is more time to linger and luxuriate.

3. Choose an Easy Process. Homeowners sometimes think that they must be present during the remodel of their second home to monitor each step. This should not be necessary if you choose a design and build firm with the experience and systems in place to make your remodel an enjoyable experience. Be sure to choose a company that has demonstrated skills with project management and communication during a second home remodel. You don’t want the remodel of your vacation home to cause extra stress!

Your home away from home should be a place you can retreat to and leave behind the worries of the world. Choose the right remodeler to make that happen and your second home will always be hard to leave!