Remodeling Mid-Century Modern Homes in San Diego

First introduced in the years following World War II, mid-century modern home design is characterized by open living spaces, clean lines, minimal decor, and a connection to outdoor living spaces. This style of home peaked after the war when the booming economy created a high demand for affordable family homes in the suburbs. Their design, seen as very cutting-edge at the time, was inspired by materials that were then innovative for home construction, such as glass and concrete. A mid-century modern building typically features a flat or low-pitched roof, along with large windows and sliding doors connecting the interior to the exterior. Because of its emphasis on indoor/outdoor living, mid-century modern design is particularly well-suited to the San Diego climate and relaxed, stylish coastal living. 

Designing your mid-century modern remodel

When it’s time for your mid-century modern remodel, it’s important to focus first on a thorough assessment of your space. Determine which elements of its mid-century modern aesthetic you want to preserve, and which you can let go of in favor of more modern innovations. For homeowners who want to add more space to their home with an addition, preserving the existing architectural integrity will typically be essential. Some homes have specific vintage design elements the owners treasure, such as an original door, beams, or flooring. 

Maintaining original character

If you appreciate your authentic mid-century modern home, chances are you’ll want to preserve or restore original mid-century modern elements, colors, and vintage materials. It’s important that the architects and designers you work with have a deep understanding of the mid-century aesthetic so that additions and updates feel natural and seamless with your existing spaces. The technical knowledge a mid-century modern architect offers is required to build onto your home with an eye for the era’s customs and characteristics while using the technical and material advances of today. Here are some updates you may consider while maintaining your home’s original character: 

  • To enhance existing natural light and increase energy efficiency, update older windows and glass but keep their scale and design in line with the original intention of your home design
  • If you have an original concrete or Terrazzo floor, consider restoring it or replicating it rather than replacing it – flooring is one of the most distinctive elements in a mid-century home
  • Focus on natural and organic materials with a matte finish. Shiny or glossy materials can seem incongruent in a mid-century design.

Mid-century modern architects and designers

We have vast experience in remodeling mid-century modern homes. Our expertise guides you through design decisions you’ll encounter when remodeling a home with historical significance. The design and construction of mid-century homes is deceptively simple – it requires advanced skills to create homes that feel simple, clean, and clutter-free while also feeling warm, welcoming, and authentic. We will take you through the process step-by-step, from updating old electrical wiring, plumbing, HVAC to restoring your dated home to its original mid-century glory.


While the popularity of mid-century modern home design has ebbed and flowed, it is stronger than ever in recent years because of its adaptability to today’s lifestyle, particularly in Southern California, and its attention to legacy craftsmanship. The airy and open, simple and clean, organic and inviting environment of these homes will endure. 

Contact us to help you remodel your mid-century modern home for modern living while respecting its original charm and character.