Shining a Light on Home Automation

LightingLighting that adds to the ambiance, convenience and security of your home is one of the most exciting advancements in home automation today. Once relegated to only the most luxurious of homes, home automation has recently entered the mainstream for whole home remodels. Here are some of the ways automated lighting can enhance your home:

Automated lighting systems can be programmed to create lighting “scenes” at the touch of a button. When integrated with other smart technology for music and temperature, a homeowner can easily adjust the home environment to the moment’s activity, from “waking up,” to “party time.” Lighting is a core element in creating a mood in your home – automation makes it easy and adaptable.

With an automated lighting system installed in your home, security is more reliable and accessible. Imagine approaching your driveway and being able to instantly turn on the lights in your home from the outdoors, to the garage, to any room in your home – all before you leave your car. Lighting can help with security when you are inside your home, as well. With a simple device at your bedside, you can easily turn on a pre-programmed set of lights indoors and outdoors when you wake up in the middle of the night to a strange noise.

Convenience and Conservation:
Control your downstairs lighting from the third floor and vice versa – automation effortlessly saves time and conserves energy. Dimming lights can save a significant amount of energy – programmed controls make it simple to live a greener lifestyle and reduce energy expenses.

Lighting is just one of many elements in your home that can benefit from recent innovations in home automation. Learn more here about the security, ambiance and conservation you can achieve with a home automation system for your whole home remodel.