Shut the Barn Door! Open Up a New Design Idea for Your Whole Home Remodel

BarnDoor2The thoughtful details of a whole home remodel make your home interesting and unforgettable. Our professional design team researches the latest trends to find inspiration and innovation to share with our clients as we transform their homes. Recently, we’ve noticed a renewed interest in barn doors as a design element.

A barn door is an unexpected and bold visual centerpiece. It can act as a separation between outdoor and indoor areas or as the entryway to any room in your home. While barn doors are larger than a typical door, they are practical in areas where space is of the essence since their sliding function takes up less room than a traditional swinging door.

BarnDoor3Barn doors are available in an array of materials with interesting hardware and work in every environment from the ultra modern to the traditional. From the weathered appearance of repurposed woods to the sleeker presentation of black, red or white painted wood, you can find a barn door that will make a memorable design statement in your whole home remodel.