Slide Open the Door to Style: Barn Door Ideas for Your Whole Home Remodel

barn1A rustic barn door adds an appealing element of authentic character to your whole home remodel. Barn doors make a powerful visual statement and they bring functionality to areas where extra space is essential, since their sliding function takes up less room than a traditional swinging door. Working with a professional designer, you can explore how to integrate a barn door into your whole home remodel. Take a look at some of our examples here:

barn2For the home office: With its repurposed wood frame and appealing blue hue, the barn door shown above stylishly separates the home office from the living space while making a memorable design statement.

For the kitchen: In this Creative Modern Farmhouse, a rustic barn door in knotty alder conceals a pantry and frames space for a bulletin board where the client can save notes and recipes. Here the barn door serves a functional purpose while also helping to visually balance the space of the long wall.

barn3For the bedroom: As an entry to a bedroom with tropical custom wallpaper, the rustic barn door in this colorful home creates an intriguing contrast.

Peek behind the door of possibilities for design and you’ll discover many ways to use a barn door in your whole home remodel! Our unified team of architects, designers, and construction professionals will guide you through the process of selecting all the details that make your whole home remodel express your unique style and point of view.