Small Buildings with Big Potential: Design Your Accessory Dwelling Unit for Multiple Purposes

Previously considered mainly for in-law suites, accessory dwelling units, or ADUs, have grown in popularity as an answer to a wide variety of lifestyle needs. ADUs can be a smart investment and add to the overall enjoyment of your property. From rental units to poolside entertainment centers, creative possibilities for ADUs are coming to the forefront.

Guest House or Pool House
If you often welcome friends or relatives from out-of-town, a guest house ADU can be an excellent investment. Having a separate living space for guests gives everyone more privacy, especially appreciated for longer visits. And because you’re using the space infrequently, it can be easily adapted for other uses in-between visits such as a pool house for changing and showering, or enjoying meals and watching tv between swims.

Home Gym or Craft Room
Your own private gym in the backyard makes staying in shape feel a little easier! You can save the time it takes to drive back and forth to a gym or yoga studio and commit to a routine for health and fitness. If you have a hobby like knitting, sewing, painting, or other artistic pursuits, an ADU dedicated to your hobby keeps your main residence clutter-free and gives you the physical and mental space you need to concentrate on your creations.

Private Oasis
A quiet space for alone time can feel like a true sanctuary, especially when you have young kids at home. Whether you practice meditation, write in a journal, or read an absorbing novel, private and separate space on your own property contributes to your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

In-Law Suite ADU
An in-law suite can be attached or detached and offers you and your parents or other relatives the ideal combination of multi-generational living and privacy. Separate and private living space can be carefully customized for specific needs and preferences, including universal design elements that make a space easy to use and accessible. 

Our expert team of architects, designers and construction professionals can guide you through the many possibilities for your ADU and ensure building and design meet all applicable local regulations. Get started today to maximize the value and enjoyment of your property!