Sweet Dreams on National Napping Day

Who doesn’t crave a nap after losing an hour of sleep from Daylight Saving Time? National Napping Day encourages us to catch up on “springing forward” with a refreshing break. Although many of us left nap time behind in kindergarten, there are actually many napping benefits for adults, including increased alertness, improved mood, quicker reaction time, and better memory. Short naps can even lower your blood pressure and heart rate. A beautiful primary suite custom designed for your lifestyle makes napping a joy. Here are some of our favorite spaces to inspire serene siestas!

Coastal Calm
This expansive primary suite, which integrates a workout room along with the primary bedroom and bathroom, takes up the majority of the new second level of a La Jolla Craftsman home. Natural light and fresh air are integrated as elements of the design. For the wife, an exercise enthusiast, the view from the workout room is a daily inspiration.

Farmhouse Retreat
The peaked ceiling and patterned walls in the master bedroom of this Modern Farmhouse echo elements of the exterior. Artistic boho lighting serenely illuminates the neutral hues of the room. In this restful retreat, the clients wanted to feel the coziness of their smaller original home while being surrounded by the fresh perspective of the new design. 

Bay View Oasis
Overlooking Mission Bay, this peaceful master bedroom embraces its surroundings in a charming coastal home designed for a couple who wanted a more modern look and feel. A neutral color palette lets the water view shine through large picture windows. A deck just outside is the perfect place to refresh after a quick doze. 

Whatever the style of your whole home remodel, a carefully designed primary master suite can bring a new appreciation of the importance of rest and retreat to your overall well-being. Our experienced designers and architects guide you through choices that will make your suite feel like a comforting and stylish expression of your personal style.