It’s Tax Day Tomorrow! A Home Office Makes Meeting Deadlines Easier.

office1Even when it’s delayed, as it was this year for the Easter holiday, tax day is a certainty. If you have a well-designed home office any task from tax preparation to recipe collecting is more organized and enjoyable. Remember these strategies when planning an office in your whole home remodel:

Plan Ahead
At the beginning of the design process, discuss your needs and desires for your office3space with a team of professional designers. You’ll want to consider how often you work at home, how much storage you need for files and supplies, and any additional work surfaces you’ll need in addition to your desk. Space planning will take into account how you use technology, whether or not you need an area for visiting clients, and other factors related to how you will use your office. It’s all about planning for comfort and efficiency.

office2Work Efficiently
Studies show that thoughtful lighting helps minimize fatigue and increase energy. Natural light is essential for productive and efficient workdays, while layers of lighting inside take over once the sun goes down. Also critical to your peace of mind in a home office is a space planned for ease of navigation and flow. The smaller the space, the more critical this element of the design.

With more people working from home than ever before, home offices have evolved in imaginative ways. Your home office should be a place that works well for you and the tasks at hand while integrating seamlessly with your home’s overall design. Collaborating with our unified team of architects, designers, and construction professionals, your home office can be an appealing and efficient space that expresses your unique personal style.