Tax Tuesday is Tomorrow! Meet Deadlines in Style with a Home Office in Your Whole Home Remodel

With work lives and personal lives more connected than ever before, home offices have evolved in imaginative ways. Whether you’re preparing taxes, catching up on deadlines, or researching travel ideas, a well-designed home office makes every task more enjoyable. On the agenda today? Ideas and inspiration for your home office:

Smart Space Planning
Designing a home office with style and organization starts with asking and answering important questions about how you plan to use the space. A professional design team will help you determine answers to questions such as: How you will most often use your office at home? Do you spend most of your time online or reviewing files and writing? Will clients be visiting? How much storage do you need for files and supplies? When these questions are answered at the beginning of the design process, your home office will be smarter and more adaptable.

Light and Energy
Natural light is essential for productive workdays while at night, a careful combination of lighting layers planned to accommodate various tasks keeps your home office appealing and efficient. Consider your workflow and where surfaces and lighting should be placed; since offices tend to be smaller than other rooms in your home, space planning that integrates intelligently designed electricity sources and lighting is important.

Designed to Inspire
When your home office feels personal and unique, the space becomes a welcome retreat where you can concentrate and imagine. Consider how art, books, and other elements can make the minutes and hours you spend in your home office more pleasurable.

Whether you work at home, or appreciate a space dedicated to quiet and reflection, your home office should be as carefully planned and designed as the other areas of your whole home remodel. Working with our unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals you will explore all the items on your “to-do list” for an ideal home office.