The Architect Advantage: How Working with an Architect Enhances Your Remodel

JDR_ArchitectsWhen you’re choosing the right team for your remodel, you might wonder how much of a difference it makes to have an architect on your project. How do architects contribute to a successful remodel? Here are some points to consider:

1. Expertise: Architects are licensed professionals who have undergone rigorous education, internships and exams. The role of an architect is not just to design buildings. Through the design, the architect must also protect the health, safety and welfare of the general public and the users of the buildings. Therefore, like medical doctors, one must have a license granted by a U.S. state or territory in order to refer to oneself as an “architect.” (source: AIA – American Institute of Architects)

2. Perspective: A home remodel is a complex fusion of planning, design and construction. Architects are able to see the many aspects of a remodel – the homeowner’s needs, space and materials requirements, budgets, timetables and permits – and develop the best possible solutions.

3. Vision: An architect can help you clearly define your project – its scope, features, purpose and functionality – and achieve your goals both functionally and aesthetically. The architectural design discipline includes organizational and technical expertise; it also requires the intangible aspects of emotion, psychology and artistry. Giving the responsibility of designing your new home to a draftsman or design consultant can often lead to inappropriate, inaccurate and uninspired design solutions. An architect helps you express your own very personal vision.

4. Value: Because an architect is able to forecast how new construction ties into your existing home’s structural and technical systems and ensures that construction documents are prepared efficiently and accurately, you avoid any costly mistakes during the transition from concept to reality. Architects are also trained to capture energy savings and improve the overall efficiency of your home. The enduring marketability of good design contributes to your home’s value.

When you work with a design build remodeling firm with architects on staff, you access a team of designers, architects and construction professionals that share the expertise to make your remodel more inspiring and less stressful during every phase. Working with an architect can make the difference between “new” space and “dream” space.