Wall-to-Wall Style for Your Whole Home Remodel: Decorative Wallpaper Transforms a Room

If bland design “drives you up the wall”, you may be attracted to innovative decorative wallpapers for your whole home remodel. Our professional design team recently helped a young couple in Solana Beach choose and place an array of decorative wallpapers for their whole home remodel. In the downstairs guest bedroom, a wall depicts a restful scene of palm trees swaying on a beach. An upstairs hallway features a dramatic panorama of a sunset and sweeping waves, entitled “Undertow.” In the master bedroom, the clients chose a serene abstract of snow-laden pines. In an upstairs guest bedroom, the wall sparkles with a sun-speckled Oregon forest scene, while in a downstairs office, a gritty scene of a Brooklyn Bridge wall creates an urban, edgy mood. (Steve Ellis designed the Undertow wallpaper and Boone Speed designed the wallpapers used in all the other rooms in our clients’ home.)

For this project, our design team chose to work with Brooklyn-based Flavor Paper. Digital Flavor Paper is printed to order based on your particular wall dimensions and the image is then scaled and cropped appropriately. Flavor Paper’s special techniques ensure zero pixelation at any size. Their collection includes the work of independent artists, featuring stunning photography, illustrations, abstract work, and combinations of all three.

This inventive design solution is just one example of how working with a united team of architects, designers and construction professionals gives you access the latest ideas in home design for your whole home remodel.