Want to Upgrade Your Home Electronics? Planning is Essential.

HomeAutomation_LRWith the Super Bowl on the horizon, many of us are exploring our options for the largest television we can find with the most current features. Recently a client in the planning stages of a whole home remodel with Jackson Design and Remodeling decided to invest a significantly higher amount in home technology than he had originally planned on after reading this article in the Wall Street Journal. Technology changes so quickly these days that it can be challenging to keep up with what our options are now and what possibilities lie ahead.

Our professional designers work closely with clients during the initial planning stages of a whole home remodel to fully assess current home automation needs and how they can best be integrated with your home’s overall design for maximum efficiency and aesthetics. At the same time, our team works with clients to imagine future needs and desires for technology, allowing for easier upgrading when the time is right. Home automation features include security systems, music, indoor and outdoor lighting, customized ambience for individual rooms, and much more.

When it comes to home automation, careful research and thoughtful planning ensure that the technology you choose will grow with you and your home!