What can I do with an exterior home remodel? 

The exterior of your home is what makes a first impression on visitors and passers-by. It’s important to your home’s value, and to your enjoyment of your home, to maintain the curb appeal of your property. Changes can start small, such as redesigning the landscaping in your yard or changing the color of your front door, to much more significant, such as architectural changes to the structure of your home or establishing an outdoor living area.

When you’re considering the potential benefits of an exterior home remodel, much will depend on your short and long term goals for the renovation. Whether you’re planning on selling your home in the near future, looking to address some of the deficiencies of an older home, wanting to save on energy costs, or motivated to give your home exterior a refresh more in keeping with your own personal style, an exterior home remodel can be adapted to suit your objectives and budget.


Adding new trees and plants to your property can immediately add life and color to your home exterior. Work with a professional to understand best seasonal practices, particularly in Southern California where drought resistance comes into play. And don’t forget the importance of “hardscaping” – the driveway, walkways, retaining walls, patios, water features, and other non-living elements that create visual organization for your landscaping. Lastly, carefully selected lighting elements both enhance the appearance of your landscaping and add safety to your home environment.

Front Door

A bold color on your front door can add just that pop you’re looking for. This is the place to push the boundaries with a deep red, a neon yellow-green, or a bright robin’s egg blue. But front door transformations aren’t limited to color. Think about how you can add imagination and character to your front door entryway with stylish street numbers, a vintage mailbox, or custom tile flooring and stairs. To go a step further, consider a whole new style of door altogether. Opaque glass panels can bring more light into your home, while a Dutch door adds a note of farmhouse style to your entryway.

Windows, Doors, and Roof

A licensed architect can help you envision a more substantial transformation for your home exterior. Repositioning and replacing windows and doors is a smart strategy for energy efficiency with older homes in addition to adding abundant light to your interior. Replacing a standard roof with a peaked roof that incorporates elements of your home’s architecture can make a dramatic difference in your home’s overall appeal. When planning this type of remodel, experienced designers and architects guide you through the decision making process to arrive at a design that makes a statement while also complementing the existing design of your home.

Paint & Other Exterior Materials

We all know how much a fresh coat of paint can instantly uplift the interiors and exteriors of our homes. Working with an experienced designer, you can explore potential color palettes and discover some of the other exterior finishes that can make your home design shine. Think natural and reclaimed wood elements, wrought iron detailing, or architectural details like board and batten or rafter tails. 

Outdoor Living Space

In San Diego, where we enjoy an agreeable year-round climate, an outdoor living space can significantly change our experience of indoor/outdoor living. An outdoor living space dramatically expands the potential for relaxing and entertaining. Integrating indoors and outdoors starts with planning a design that makes sense with the interior design of your home. An ultra modern outdoor space for a traditional home may feel disconcerting and vice versa. Deciding how you plan to use the space is critical to the initial design phase and helps to establish what the focal points of your space should be including an outdoor kitchen, a pool, seating areas, fire pits and water features, or a flower and vegetable garden.

Working with professional architects and designers to plan your remodel services makes it easier to achieve your dreams for your exterior home remodel. Our expert team is experienced in every aspect of design build remodeling and can guide you toward realizing your own vision for your home. Come meet us and learn more at our next Design and Remodeling Seminar.