Why Working with an Architect for Your Whole Home Remodel Makes a Difference

Architect1If you are considering a whole home remodel you may be wondering how an architect contributes to the process of transforming your home. When any of the following are required for your project, a highly skilled architect is essential:

  • Adding levels or additions or making any other changes to the exterior structure of your home
  • Significantly changing your interior floor plan
  • Moving interior walls, adding new windows or doors
  • Your desire for a high level of design with an innovative approach

Understanding the architecture of your home is necessary to update it for your needs today with appropriate attention to form, scale and proportions. The permitting process is another aspect of the whole home remodel process that architects are uniquely qualified to perform with expertise and efficiency. When you work with a skilled architect, you can rest assured that the building codes for your area and the structural demands of your current home have been incorporated in a proposed design.

Architect2In the design build remodeling process of a whole home remodel, an architect is a member of a unified team that also includes designers and construction professionals. With this streamlined team approach, you gain convenience and peace of mind. From the very start of the project, your architect is collaborating with other members of the team to develop a design that will transform your home and enhance your lifestyle today.