A Concrete Answer: Countertop Ideas for Your Kitchen Remodel

Concrete_1When working with a professional design team to develop imaginative ways to express your personal style, consider choosing concrete countertops for your kitchen remodel. We have found that clients appreciate the distinctive beauty, durability and adaptability of this natural material in their homes. One of our resources for concrete countertops is Cheng Design in Berkeley, California. Founded in 1978 by Fu-Tung Cheng, Cheng Design has won many awards  and built a reputation for their innovative use of sculptural concrete.

Why Choose Concrete?
Concrete can be transformed into virtually any shape and the potential for creative expression is unlimited. It can be grinded, polished, stamped, or stained. Some clients choose to embed meaningful objects within it. Concrete embodies an earthy permanence and looks good in both traditional and modern settings. Because of its adaptability, concrete can be used in any area of the home, especially in the kitchen and bath, but also in fireplaces, water features, or outdoors. Concrete countertops are relatively inexpensive, especially when considering their high level of durability.

Cheng Design creates their beautiful countertops in two types of concrete:

Geocrete: This reinforced pre-cast concrete product has a 5000+ psi strength rating and a “glass like” surface created with a proprietary finishing process. Countertops are available with unique accessory choices like integral drainboards, concrete sinks, and mosaics. Custom variations include aggregates and inlays, along with metal and wood accessories such as cutting boards and trivets.

Neomix: Lightweight and ultra strong, this pre-cast concrete product is made with Cheng Design’s Neomix reinforced concrete mix. Neomix has a 10,000+ psi strength rating, which is double that of Geocrete. Neomix is 1/2″ thick and can be made as long as 9 feet long without seams. Like Geocrete, this product is available as a simple slab or with a variety of customizations.

Both Geocrete and Neomix are sealed with a proprietary sealer which combines the protection of topical sealers with the look and feel of penetrating sealers. The sealer penetrates the concrete surface and provides surface protection, resisting acids, stains and cleaning products.

When planning your kitchen remodel, unexpected materials like a concrete countertop bring a sense of individuality to your environment. Our team helps you explore the many options available to you as you transform your home.