A Splash of Style: Creative Cooktop Backsplashes for Your Kitchen Remodel

A cooktop backsplash serves as a defining visual centerpiece in your kitchen remodel. With the right color, material selection, texture, or combination of all three elements, your backsplash can create a memorable impression. Whether your kitchen is modern, contemporary, traditional, or transitional, our professional design team helps you discover the backsplash that best expresses your personal style. Here are some ideas for inspiration:

Seaside Inspired
The fun custom backsplash in a kitchen with bay views reflects coastal themes with a whimsical pattern and soft, appealing color. Framed against classic subway tile, the backsplash feels like a snapshot of the nearby shore.

Waterfall Elegance
The cooktop in this Rustic Zen kitchen is not only functional but also an artistic statement that is beautiful to look at. The reflective shimmer of the black granite backsplash evokes a peaceful waterfall. A niche allows the clients to display their favorite artistic objects.

Compelling Texture
This backsplash in a Rejuvenated Vintage kitchen is a one-of-a-kind piece of art created from tiles that are slightly unfinished for a handmade, authentic presentation. The interesting 3-dimensional textures invite touch while the earthy, complex colors create visual excitement.

A beautiful backsplash adds enjoyment to cooking at home and integrates a conversation starting focal point in your kitchen design. Working with a unified team of architects, designers, and construction professionals, you will discover how to make a splash with creative ideas in your whole home remodel or new home.