Beautiful Balance: Pairing Cabinetry and Countertops in Your Kitchen Remodel

Balance is one of the most important aspects of an appealing kitchen design, particularly for the selection of countertops and cabinetry. The visual relationship of color, materials, texture and scale influences the appearance and functionality of your kitchen. Here are some examples of how our professional designers thoughtfully select cabinetry and countertops to work together:

Style Details
In the expansive kitchen of a seaside home, cabinetry is abundant and versatile, designed with a straight angle and a simple door style. The perimeter countertops were selected with a beveled edge to soften the modern sensibility of all white.

Mixing it Up
High-pressure laminate cabinetry in Oregon Pine presents a minimalist profile with a natural look and feel in this kitchen inspired by Scandinavian design. Dark brownish-gray quartz countertops add sleek definition and some refreshing sheen in a space with mostly earthy textures.

Contrasting Textures
In this contemporary kitchen, white glass doors have a glossy effect that reflects light and presents a crisp contrast to the mahogany cabinetry.

With a combination of practical experience and creative inspiration, our professional design team guides you toward choices that make the kitchen in your whole home remodel feel comfortable, look stylish, and function with ease.