Cooking up Function and Style: Hood Ideas for the Kitchen Design in Your Whole Home Remodel or Custom Home

Besides performing an important function, a cooktop hood can be an integral design element in your kitchen design. Working with a professional designer, you can explore the best choices for your home, from the traditional to the ultra-modern, many with innovative options. When you’re planning a whole home remodel or custom home, the selection of your cooktop hood is one of the details that make your space feel expressive of your personal style.

Stylish Focal Point
Custom designed hoods create an exciting design element in your kitchen. The bold hood in this Magnificent Traditional kitchen, created from the same alder wood as the island, makes a strong statement in the space. Carefully designed to lend definition to the kitchen’s existing windows, the hood is a compelling focal point. A professional designer ensures that a hood enhances your kitchen remodel rather than distracting from it, whether your home is traditional, modern, or a combination of styles.

A Myriad of Hood Types
|The type of hood you select will relate to the layout and design of your kitchen. If you have a cooktop on your island, for instance, you will need a ceiling mounted hood. Other available types are wall mount, under cabinet mount, chimney style and custom built-in. In this colorful Mid-Century Modern home, an innovative ceiling mounted hood with a reflective surface gleams above the island cooktop.

Essential Function
Hoods reduce cooking smells, heat and condensation through ventilation and protect your kitchen from grease splattering and other food mess. How much you use your stove to cook and the size of your space will partly determine the type of hood and strength of ventilation you choose. This telescopic hood in the compact kitchen of a beach condo is designed to retract when not in use, an exciting feature conceptually that also saves space.

Choosing the right hood is just one of the creative decisions our unified team of architects, designers, and construction professionals will guide you through as we work together to create your ideal home.