Design Recipe: Kitchens for the Home Chef in Your Whole Home Remodel or New Home

A kitchen remodel designed specifically for your needs and lifestyle gives the central hub in your home a more inviting, efficient, and livable sensibility. If you have a chef at home, you’ll want abundant storage for culinary tools, a balance of natural and task lighting, and space planning that emphasizes easy navigation. Here’s what to consider when working with our unified team of architects, designers, and construction professionals on the kitchen design for your whole home remodel or new home.

Beautiful Focal Point
A Miele range top in this Gourmet Beach kitchen is a joy for homeowners who appreciate culinary pastimes. The extraordinary backsplash is a mosaic created from a medley of finishes, including matte, frosted, glossy and iridescent glass, in playful variations of shapes and sizes.

Creative Storage
Easy access to supplies and tools is crucial for the home cook. Inside the expansive pantry in this Natural Modern kitchen, small appliances and abundant storage create a station that resembles a second “mini kitchen” where the clients can prepare meals and store ingredients, keeping the main kitchen clutter-free.

Layers of Lighting
This Refined and Dynamic kitchen balances layers of lighting to keep the home chef energized and efficient. Generous natural light from high windows is combined with task lighting under the cabinetry for food prep, cooking and cleaning. A skylight above the island is echoed by the lighting fixture below, accentuating the design’s attention to light and circulation.

A kitchen designed for home chefs can transform your lifestyle, making it easy and joyful to prepare, serve, and clean up when entertaining. Our award-winning team will help you explore innovative ideas for a beautiful state-of-the-art kitchen in your whole home remodel or new home.