Details Make the Difference: Faucet Selection for the Kitchen Design in Your Whole Home Remodel

coatswindowOne of the most creative and exciting phases of your whole home remodel is working with a professional designer to explore and select from a myriad of options for the details of your home. The kitchen faucet is an element that can make a stylish statement with scale or materials. Here are some ideas to get your imagination flowing:

Experiment with Scale
In this Organic Modern kitchen above, an oversized faucet is a bold element surrounded by simplicity. The tall form draws attention to the light in the room and to the shelf of collectibles from the couple’s travels above.

bosmanfaucetExplore Materials
The bronze finish and ceramic knobs of this faucet are an ode to Old English design in a Magnificent Traditional kitchen. A professional designer will work with you to help you select materials and finishes that enhance the style of your home.

Define Your Style
In a Creative Modern Farmhouse kitchen, the faucet was selected in a decidedly traditional design with elegant curves. Balancing traditional and modern elements brings visual interest to your space.

breslowsinkDetails matter when it comes to expressing your unique personality in your whole home remodel. Our unified team of architects, designers, and construction professionals guides you to the best choices for your lifestyle as you experience our organized and streamlined design build process.