Ingredients of Style: Kitchen Design for the Home Chef

Cooking and sharing meals with family and friends is easier and more enjoyable in a kitchen designed with a home chef in mind. Ample storage for chef’s tools, plenty of natural light, and a space designed for effortless navigation are essential. Here are more ideas for kitchen design to inspire the home chef in your whole home remodel or custom home:

Space Planning
You may want larger or more appliances in your kitchen If you love to cook and bake. Careful space planning is required to integrate a generous refrigerator, a prep sink in addition to a main sink, two ovens instead of one, and other appliances such as warming drawers or a wine refrigerator. A professional designer brings years of experience to the process of helping you select the ideal appliances and then designing a kitchen that encompasses them in an appealing and organized layout.

Storage for a Home Chef’s Tools
Quick and convenient access to the tools of the trade is a crucial element in a chef’s kitchen. Creative storage ideas can include knife drawers, slide out storage for pots and pans, and other custom cabinetry options specifically designed for your particular needs. Pantries are usually on the wish list of the home chef too and can be integrated into your kitchen design in a myriad of imaginative ways. In the kitchen of a historic La Jolla home, a custom built pantry in a lovely blue serves as both a convenient pantry and a striking design element.

Generous Lighting
Adequate lighting makes the home chef happy and efficient. A successful design will incorporate as much natural light into the kitchen as possible by orienting the space correctly and planning for windows allow for maximum light. Task lighting for food prep, cooking and cleaning is also an important detail of space planning. A skylight in this Organic Modern kitchen combines with several other layers of lighting to create a bright and welcoming environment.

A home chef’s kitchen design is timeless and can work in any style home, from traditional to contemporary. Our unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals guides you through the design build process for your dream kitchen step by step.