Keep Your Options Open: Open Shelving in Your Kitchen Remodel

linhoffmanEarlier this year, our professional design team recognized open shelving in the kitchen as one of the 15 top design and remodeling trends in 2015. We love the way open shelving balances appealing form with practical function. Here are some advantages of open shelving and what to consider if you’re planning on trying this option in your kitchen design:

Personalize Your Space:
Open shelving makes a kitchen feel more warm, lived in and comfortable. Whether your kitchen style is traditional, transitional, contemporary, or some combination of the three, you’ll welcome the way open shelving personalizes your space.

meyerMake Your Kitchen More Efficient:
Open shelving makes it convenient to find and access what you need. From plates and serving bowls to tools and gadgets, whatever you decide to store on your open shelving makes it faster and easier to get work done in the kitchen.

Display Treasured Collections:
Whether it’s vintage dinnerware, handmade pottery, or colored glass, your collections become an artistic element in your kitchen when you display them on open shelving.

wellsOne of the most enjoyable aspects of a whole home remodel is being open to new ideas! Working with a professional designer, you can discover the ideal combination of open shelving and cabinetry to make your kitchen express your unique personal style.