Kitchen Remodeling Trends: Gather Round the Table

RoundTableIf remodeling your kitchen is on your mind lately, consider one of the recent trends we’ve noticed – round tables growing in popularity as the dining table of choice. Families of every size are deciding to place more importance on eating together, particularly when several generations are living in the same home. Families with children are especially interested in making meals together at the kitchen table a priority. Studies have shown that kids who eat sit-down meals with the family on a regular basis develop better communication skills and study habits and are less likely to drink alcohol, take drugs, or get depressed. The ritual takes practice to be effective – study participants report that the more nights spent at the dinner table, the better the experience for everyone.

Round tables, which naturally allow everyone to face each other, bring a sense of intimacy and togetherness to the family meal. Seemingly small decisions like choosing a round table over a rectangular one for your kitchen remodel are what make the difference between bland design and design that brings energy and pleasure to everyday living. Our designers guide you toward creating a kitchen that suits your individual lifestyle and values, a custom designed room that you and your family can appreciate for a lifetime.