Shine On: Inspiration for Kitchen Lighting in Your Whole Home Remodel or New Home

Lighting is essential to how your kitchen functions and feels. A professional design team thinks about lighting in “layers” depending on the prominence of the lighting and how often it will be used. From task-oriented undercounter lighting to decorative and ambient lighting, subtle variations illuminate the overall design. Consider the following as you explore the possibilities for kitchen lighting in your whole home remodel or new home:

Spotlight on Function
How we use lighting starts with how we most use a space. If entertaining around your kitchen island is an element of your dream home, glowing pendants in artistic shapes attract people and encourage comfortable lingering. If you’re an enthusiastic home chef, you’ll want specific task lighting. Cabinetry lighting is an elegant idea if you have collectibles you’d like to showcase.

From Minimal to Glam
Lighting should work with the overall style of your home but it’s also a place to be creative. Whether it’s a shimmering chandelier in a modern space or a glam pendant in a Craftsman design, lighting is a chance to express your artistic side. In open floor plans, it’s important to think about what lighting looks like from all angles. If your kitchen opens directly into a family room or living space, you don’t need to be limited to what’s typically considered “kitchen-like.”

Experiment with Scale
Exaggerated scale makes a bold statement, particularly in minimal modern spaces. An extra large glamorous chandelier or a series of prominent pendants in an unusual shape or material brings exciting visual interest to the room. Balancing dramatic pieces with simpler ones adds depth and character to your kitchen.

Lighting is a complex design decision made easier with the help of a unified team of architects, designers, and construction professionals. Whatever the style of your whole home remodel or new home, from traditional to ultra modern, thoughtful lighting design in your kitchen will elevate the look and feel of your whole home remodel or new home.