Think About Your Sink: Sink Design for Your Whole Home Remodel

hollandisnkYou might be surprised to learn that when you are choosing what to invest in during your kitchen remodel, the sink is an important appliance on which to splurge. A sink is one of the most used areas in your kitchen and a high quality, durable product is essential.

Quality Materials: If an under-mounted sink fails because of low quality materials or installation it can be troublesome and expensive to remove and replace. For an under-mounted sink, you need 16-18 gauge stainless steel with proper insulation or your sink could rattle or give off a tinny sound when other appliances are in use.

6_6922585_vt53060-106 (1)Space Planning: Most of us prefer a sink with a window if at all possible in the kitchen layout. Imaginative space planning orients the room for the best possible view of your surroundings.

Style: Farmhouse-style apron sinks continue to be a popular choice. Available in several styles and materials, an apron front sink can work in almost any style of kitchen from contemporary to traditional.

denisonsinkSpecial care with each element gives your home character and enduring appeal. Working with a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals, you can explore ways to express your unique style in your whole home remodel, with every detail – including the kitchen sink!