Laundry Rooms

Laundry room remodeling makes an everyday task more enjoyable and efficient. Extra storage, task-oriented sinks, and the latest in energy-efficient technologies are just some of the elements to consider for laundry room remodeling. With a well-organized laundry room design, you get your chores done more quickly so you can focus on other parts of your life that are a little more fun!

Awash with Style

This laundry room, which doubles as a sewing room, is an ode to organization in an award-winning historic home. Possessing more cabinetry than some kitchens, the room also holds two sinks.

Laundry Luxury

Luxurious materials distinguish this spacious laundry room. A marble backsplash and classic color palette convey elegance. The durable quartz countertop and abundant storage space support practical functionality. A strategically placed TV keeps the clients company when washing and folding.

Refreshing Mint

This laundry room on the upper level of a historical home features abundant storage and organizing space with streamlined countertops for folding. “Rhino” wallpaper in mint, charcoal, and white makes the space feel fun and crisp.

Chore Allure

An abundance of storage meets with elegant marble countertops to create a laundry room with modern convenience that aligns with its surroundings in a historic Spanish-style home.

Domestic Bliss

The tile floor in this laundry room was carefully matched to the color and texture of the wood flooring used elsewhere throughout the house. The room pairs impressive appliances with ample storage.

Clean Living

Special ventilation was built-in to this laundry room in an award-winning home to ensure clean air and conserve energy. Mahogany cabinetry with stainless steel pulls contrasts with easy-to-clean porcelain tile.

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