From ‘Man Cave’ to Family Fun

By Todd Jackson, Special to the U-T 5:28 p.m.June 12, 2014

contemporary bar made of horizontal bamboo and a slab of vanilla onyx

The contemporary bar in the new entertainment area is made of horizontal bamboo and a slab of vanilla onyx. Jackson Design and Remodeling

When most people think of a “man cave,” they imagine a space set apart from the central living area in the home, with traditionally very masculine décor and entertainment elements like projection televisions, leather recliner seating and built-in kegerators. These spaces are usually away from the home’s central living area, in a garage or spare room or basement. With Father’s Day this weekend, it’s the perfect time to showcase a San Diego remodel that illustrates a new trend: foregoing the traditional “man cave” for a stylish, multiuse entertaining space the whole family can enjoy.

family game room

A large game room features a pool table. Jackson Design and Remodeling

In a recent project for a young professional couple, our team was tasked with creating a new entertaining space with the key elements being a contemporary bar and a large adjacent game room. Located on the home’s extremely segmented bottom level, our team first opened up the space by removing a wall and changing the layout. By positioning the bar adjacent to the game room, the space now has a more natural flow.

We also used cork tile walls in the game room, which present an intriguing texture and are sound absorbent, ideal for when multiple activities are under way.

The focal point of the new space is the new contemporary bar area. We used a mix of sophisticated materials to exemplify the uncommon. Two-thirds of the bar is horizontal bamboo; one-third is a sumptuous vanilla onyx slab. We chose Italian light fixtures with red-orange hues and used a light bar underneath the countertop to bring it to life. Designed for entertaining, the bar area features essentials like a beer tap, wine cooler, sink and generously sized refrigerator.

remodelled family game room

The remodeled space is large enough to accommodate large parties. Jackson Design and Remodeling

Exquisite materials draw attention at every turn. A window from the original home, transformed into a recessed storage area with rounded glass for liquor and accessories, is framed by gleaming metallic tiles in bronze and copper. LED recessed lighting glows upon the richly colored marble countertop, setting the mood for warmth and good cheer.

Next to the bar sits a new stone fireplace and built-in television. The expansive new layout can accommodate large parties yet is designed with well-defined gathering areas to enhance more intimate gatherings as well. The new space acts as a magnet for guests and expresses the homeowners’ affinity for sophisticated design and sensational entertaining at home.

Todd Jackson is the CEO of Jackson Design and Remodeling. He can be reached at (619) 442-6125, [email protected];