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From Living Walls to Copper Accents and Vintage Motifs: The Top 15 Interior Design Trends for 2015.

Jackson Design and Remodeling’s Award Winning Designers Dish on “What’s out?” (Bye, Bye Nickel) and “What’s in?” (Hello Gold)

(SAN DIEGO – January 16, 2015) – Jackson Design and Remodeling(JDR), an award-winning San Diego-based design and remodeling firm, released its list of the Top 15 Interior Design Trends for 2015. The firm’s highly acclaimed design team, which has been featured in major national print and online publications including Dwell, HGTV, Architectural Digest andBeautiful Kitchens & Baths, hand-picked the top trends in home and interior design in the coming year.

  • Living walls: These low-maintenance, indoor vertical plant gardens create a bold statement while positively impacting the environment, and letting you breathe a little easier!
  • Textured natural woods: Rustic woods made a splash in 2014, but now homeowners are looking to incorporate natural woods in more rooms of their homes. Reclaimed woods are hot trends, giving a more organic look to kitchens, accent walls and home furnishings.
  • Vintage Motifs: Vintage motifs are making a comeback this year. Pairing motifs with bold patterns, graphics and bright colors is a great way to refresh your space.
  • Open Shelving: This year homeowners are opting to show off their plates and glasses by choosing open shelving units over traditional cabinets. Keeping items neatly stacked and dust-free is a must for this revealing new trend.
  • Organic Elements: Organic elements make interiors feel fresh and full of life. “Shapes inspired by nature,””living walls,” and “bringing the outside in” are some of the top buzz phrases for 2015.
  • Black as a Statement Color: Black is often used as an accent color in home design but this year, black is taking center stage. Prepare to see black used as a statement color in kitchen cabinets and tiles, creating a dramatic look.
  • Copper and Gold Accents: Say goodbye to silver and nickel, these bright metallic elements are taking over. Whether used in sinks, plumbing fixtures, hardware, light fixtures or home accessories, these pops of metal bring a glamorous touch to a space and are perfect for pairing with neutral palettes.
  • Modern Touches on Hand Painted Tiles: Hand painted tiles are moving away from the traditional terracotta styles that have been popular in the past. Look for hand painted tiles with bold patterns and subtle colors such as whites, creams, greys or vibrant teals to give a modern and fresh spin on backslashes and accents in both kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Bold Wallpaper and Fabric Patterns: Yes, wallpaper continues from 2014. Unlike decades ago, the new wallpapers have improved dramatically and are designed for both easy application and removal. Floral motifs, geometric prints and photographic images will be hot trends in 2015.
  • Water saving fixtures: With much of the country still in a major drought, many homeowners are opting for water-smart, user-friendly fixtures such as thermostatic mixers, and touch screen-operated showers that control water flow, mix and temperature.
  • Matte Finishes: An alternative to the high gloss finishes of recent years, matte paints and finishes are a hot trend now, complementing the evolution toward a more natural, organic look. A matte finish brings a raw edge of authenticity to a texture, revealing its natural imperfections.
  • Mosaic Wood Tiles: Mosaic wood tiles are eco-friendly, made from reclaimed wood, unique and easy to install. We expect to see a lot of variations in patterns, colors and textures of wood tiles used this year. It’s a great alternative to wallpaper and will add texture and depth to any accent wall.
  • Mirrored Glass Tiles: Look for mirrored tiles strategically used in small bathrooms and accent walls to give the allusion of a bigger space.They also give off an interesting lighting affect that can be sophisticated and glamorous or rustic and casual depending on the space’s overall style.
  • Handmade Items: Handmade items are a big trend for 2015.From hand painted tiles to crocheted throw rugs and hand woven baskets, handmade accessories add a personalized touch to any space.

“2015 will be the year of rustic woods, textures, bold colors and vintage motifs – used in cabinetry, flooring and furnishings,” said Tatiana Machado-Rosas, design department manager and senior interior designer at JDR. “Living walls will be a buzzword this year and we expect to see more and more designs that include these organic elements. We’re also going to see warmer metallic colors like copper and gold used in plumbing fixtures and lighting elements. And another big trend is homeowners seeking out environmentally friendly and sustainable items more than ever before. We expect to see a lot more smart technologies and eco-friendly solutions become standard this year.”

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