Outdoor space designed for family time

Transformation makes backyard a haven for entertaining, sports viewing and relaxing

By Sol Quintana Wagoner, Special to the U-T, Posted 2:56 p.m. Aug. 14, 2015

A combo kitchen prep area and bar includes a sink and fridge.

A combo kitchen prep area and bar includes a sink and fridge. Jackson Design and Remodeling

With summer well under way, family time has moved outdoors to parks, beaches and backyards. For clients who frequently welcome kids and grandkids, our team worked to transform a San Diego backyard into an outdoor living oasis that’s ideal for weekend barbecues, pool time, sunbathing or catching a game.

To create a multifunctional space, our design sought to incorporate distinct areas for each activity to maximize the space.

Knowing our clients frequently host family get-togethers that revolve around cooking meals, we created a combination kitchen prep area and bar, featuring natural-stacked flagstone and a granite countertop complete with a sink and refrigerator. Utilizing an L-shape design, it becomes a conversation area ideal for enjoying drinks and watching games.

It was very important to the husband to feature a large Kamado grill, so he could prepare his secret recipes. The outdoor flooring was extended to accommodate the grill area; a large granite prep area makes slicing vegetables and seasoning meats a breeze for grill masters.

A combo kitchen prep area and bar includes a sink and fridge.

The flat roof of the cabana has solar panels that power the swimming pool and provide heat year-round. Jackson Design and Remodeling

Since our clients are avid sports fans, it was important to incorporate a sports viewing area. By placing the flat-screen television above the outdoor fireplace, it gives the feel of an outdoor living room while also providing optimal viewing from the bar area. A large cutout feature next to the TV reveals a gorgeous view of the surrounding greenery.

The cabana’s flat roof holds solar panels to power the swimming pool and provide heat year-round. The pool and fountain utilize stacked stone all around the perimeter. Keeping the same color scheme as the house allows the space to blend seamlessly. With grandkids in mind, the pool was kept shallow with sunbathing stations and several areas for the kids to safely splash and enjoy the San Diego sunshine.

The new outdoor living space is complemented by the surrounding greenery, which slopes down the hillside and features a low fence to keep the view intact. The new space is the perfect destination for friends and family to enjoy all summer and year round.

Wagoner is a senior designer with Jackson Design and Remodeling. She can be reached at (619) 442-6125, [email protected], www.jacksondesignandremodeling.com


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