As experts in their field, Jackson Design and Remodeling professionals are often called upon by the media to lend insight about topics and trends in remodeling. We are happy to share a sampling of our media appearances and mentions with you here.

San Diego Union-Tribune

San Diego Union-Tribune
August 2015
Outdoor space designed for family time

Transformation makes backyard a haven for entertaining, sports viewing and relaxing

By Sol Quintana Wagoner, Special to the U-T, Posted 2:56 p.m. Aug. 14, 2015

A combo kitchen prep area and bar includes a sink and fridge.

A combo kitchen prep area and bar includes a sink and fridge. Jackson Design and Remodeling

With summer well under way, family time has moved outdoors to parks, beaches and backyards. For clients who frequently welcome kids and grandkids, our team worked to transform a San Diego backyard into an outdoor living oasis that’s ideal for weekend barbecues, pool time, sunbathing or catching a game.

To create a multifunctional space, our design sought to incorporate distinct areas for each activity to maximize the space.

Knowing our clients frequently host family get-togethers that revolve around cooking meals, we created a combination kitchen prep area and bar, featuring natural-stacked flagstone and a granite countertop complete with a sink and refrigerator. Utilizing an L-shape design, it becomes a conversation area ideal for enjoying drinks and watching games.

It was very important to the husband to feature a large Kamado grill, so he could prepare his secret recipes. The outdoor flooring was extended to accommodate the grill area; a large granite prep area makes slicing vegetables and seasoning meats a breeze for grill masters.

A combo kitchen prep area and bar includes a sink and fridge.

The flat roof of the cabana has solar panels that power the swimming pool and provide heat year-round. Jackson Design and Remodeling

Since our clients are avid sports fans, it was important to incorporate a sports viewing area. By placing the flat-screen television above the outdoor fireplace, it gives the feel of an outdoor living room while also providing optimal viewing from the bar area. A large cutout feature next to the TV reveals a gorgeous view of the surrounding greenery.

The cabana’s flat roof holds solar panels to power the swimming pool and provide heat year-round. The pool and fountain utilize stacked stone all around the perimeter. Keeping the same color scheme as the house allows the space to blend seamlessly. With grandkids in mind, the pool was kept shallow with sunbathing stations and several areas for the kids to safely splash and enjoy the San Diego sunshine.

The new outdoor living space is complemented by the surrounding greenery, which slopes down the hillside and features a low fence to keep the view intact. The new space is the perfect destination for friends and family to enjoy all summer and year round.

Wagoner is a senior designer with Jackson Design and Remodeling. She can be reached at (619) 442-6125,,

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San Diego Union-Tribune

San Diego Union-Tribune
April 2015
Remodeled bath is relaxing retreat

Shower, tub enhanced, updated within limits of existing room space

By Todd Jackson, Special to the U-T, Posted 7:46 p.m. April 3, 2015

Cedar Kitchen Island

Moving the toilet off to the right allowed expanding the shower and tub fixtures in this remodel. Jackson Design and Remodeling

Our team worked with the homeowners of a Rancho Peñasquitos home to transform their out-of-date bathroom into a bright, spalike retreat.

The existing bathroom was bland and outdated and featured an awkward layout. The original tub and shower were cramped in a dark corner of the bathroom. The shower was a small standard box with no feeling of luxury or style. Because we had to keep the same overall footprint and couldn’t enlarge the space allocated for the bathroom, space planning was an essential element in creating the new master bathroom.

Our team strategized to develop the best approach to the layout and decided to move the toilet area, expanding the shower into its former space. By adding a pony wall to the side of the shower, we were able to tuck the toilet area into a cozy and private alcove. To incorporate our clients’ desire for a spalike experience, we selected a heated toilet with a bidet function.

The roomy new shower and tub are carefully positioned in the space for a clean, modern presentation. Viewed from the shower or the tub, the room is peaceful and full of light. Clean, straight lines are paramount. A new, modern, white quartz tub was under-mounted to align cleanly with the cabinetry. Innovative placement allowed for a significantly larger tub than in the original bathroom. A wall of gray porcelain 12-by-24-inch textured tile delineates the space, while a new window treatment lets natural light flood into the room.

For the cabinetry, we chose bamboo with a reddish stain to convey an elegant feel. We also added a vanity area providing ample storage with easy access to extra towels, emphasizing the home spa feel. The color palette of subdued grays and clean white was selected to fortify a sense of calm retreat.

A trough sink was our team’s solution to fitting two sinks into a limited space. At 48 inches long, the sink provides plenty of room for sharing while keeping a low visual profile. Simple modern fixtures underline the serene mood of the room.

The bathroom floor is Italian Ergon engineered stone, noted for its resemblance to wood flooring while also being a green-friendly material.

With cool neutral colors and natural light filling the space, this new master bath is the perfect place for homeowners to leave their worries and stress at the door.

Todd Jackson is the Founder and CEO of Jackson Design and Remodeling. He can be reached at (619) 442-6125,,

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San Diego Union-Tribune

San Diego Union-Tribune
January 2015
Kensington Kitchen Gets Fresh Look

Kensington Kitchen Gets Fresh Look

By Tatiana Machado-Rosas, Special to the U-T, Posted 5:53 p.m. January 29, 2015

Cedar Kitchen Island

The sink area has a black-and-white-patterned backsplash and crown molding. Jackson Design and Remodeling

As the new year gets under way, many San Diegans are inspired to refresh their homes and finally begin planning that long-overdue remodeling project. Kitchens are at the top of the list for many homeowners with open, inviting spaces that suit entertaining, one of the big, continuing trends for 2015.

With a historical home that’s more than 90 years old, our clients were more than ready for a kitchen remodel. They desperately needed a more practical kitchen with improved functionality and plenty of space for family gatherings.

Our design team created a plan to significantly transform the kitchen, while still maintaining the character of the home. We began the transformation by removing two walls to create an expansive space encompassing the kitchen and dining areas. To retain the historical feel of the home, the existing oak wood floor in the dining area was duplicated and continued into the kitchen for visual continuity.

White cabinetry throughout the new kitchen provides a plethora of organized storage options and conceals all the major appliances for a clean, uncluttered appearance. A panel inset on the peninsula unifies it with the home’s existing wainscoting, making the peninsula seem as if it has always been in the home.

New windows looking out on the historic neighborhood considerably brightened the sink area, framed by the bold accent of a black-and-white-patterned backsplash and meticulous crown molding emphasizing the home’s history.

Cedar Kitchen Island

The sink area has a black-and-white-patterned backsplash and crown molding. – Jackson Design and Remodeling

We wanted the new space to have a central focal point, so we chose a stunning custom-built stainless-steel black hood to place above the large, white peninsula. A niche above the peninsula provides functional storage of cooking essentials and a decorative note of visual interest. The black-and-white theme is repeated throughout the room, particularly in the concrete backsplash.

The dining room comfortably seats several guests, who can easily interact with other guests and their hosts in the kitchen. The design fuses classic, vintage-inspired elements with the modernity of the black-and-white color theme and clean lines.

Cedar Kitchen Island

Two walls were removed to create an expansive space combining the kitchen and dining areas. – Jackson Design and Remodeling

Natural light and circulation now infuse the area with a bright sense of energy. The classic design blends hints of European charm with a modern sensibility and retains its sense of place in historic surroundings.

The large open floor plan now connects the kitchen with the dining area seamlessly, making the new space warm, inviting and the perfect place for entertaining year-round.

Tatiana Machado-Rosas is a designer with Jackson Design and Remodeling. She can be reached at (619) 442-6125,,

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December 2014
Bright Kitchen Remodel Contrasts Bright White and Dark Wood

Bright Kitchen Remodel Contrasts Bright White and Dark Wood

By Emily Shapiro, December 9, 2014

Cedar Kitchen Island

The most impressive aspect of the renovated kitchen is the radiant natural light. White countertops and cabinetry enhance the effect of the large windows and glass doors, which flood the open floor plan with air and light. The kitchen pendant lights are 28.1 pendants by Bocci. The faucet and sink are Kohler. Jackson Design and Remodeling

By adding natural light and circulation to Frederic and Sally Pla’s existing kitchen, designer Sol Quintana Wagoner achieved a comfortable atmosphere ideal for entertaining house guests.

Well-traveled homeowners Frederic and Sally Pla knew they wanted their Encinitas, California space to be a reflection of their unique lifestyle and a spa-like retreat for their frequent houseguests. The couple, who live with their son and a giant golden doodle named Leo, chose to partner with Sol Quintana Wagoner, an Argentinian-born designer for Jackson Design and Remodeling, to help them remodel their existing kitchen. The collaboration resulted in an open-plan kitchen that incorporates the couple’s worldly style style into a spacious, well-lit space. The kitchen’s new windows and glass doors reflect off white walls, countertops, and cabinetry, making light and circulation the main event, while accents of rosewood and Brazilian cherry add visual interest. The dark rosewood ceiling beams help connect the kitchen to an adjoining dining and living space.

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San Diego Union-Tribune

San Diego Union-Tribune
November 2014
Cedar Kitchen Designer For Family Time

Cedar Kitchen Designer For Family Time

By Tatiana Machado-Rosas, Special to the U-T, Posted 2 P.M. Nov. 21, 2014

Cedar Kitchen Island

A focal point in the remodeled kitchen is a large island of gray-stained cherry wood with a concrete countertop – Jackson Design and Remodeling

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and families are getting ready to cook holiday favorites and turn their homes into aroma-filled spaces for dining and entertaining.

Wolf Range

The kitchen has a 48-inch Wolf stove with two ovens and six burners. – Jackson Design and Remodeling

With four children and a large extended family to entertain, our clients wanted to remodel their kitchen to improve its space and functionality while retaining the cabinlike feeling of the 1972-era San Diego home.

Our team set out to choose materials that would complement the cedar wood throughout the home, while also reconfiguring the floor plan to improve functionality and accommodate guests.

We selected a large island with gray stained cherry wood and a concrete countertop to create a focal point that would subtly contrast with the surrounding cedar. A backsplash created from glass tile in muted tones of gray, brown and copper gleams above the gray countertops used throughout the kitchen.

A floor was created from brick-sized porcelain tile and features noticeable variations in its color and texture, mimicking the warmth in the cabinetry. A luxurious 48-inch Wolf range with two ovens and six burners is ideal for a family that cooks and entertains as a way of life. All appliances were carefully streamlined into an efficient work triangle. A double apron-front farm-style sink brings functionality with rustic charm.

New pantry storage was created near the refrigerator by borrowing space from an existing little-used closet and facing it with a door removed from another part of the kitchen. Pullout shelving enhances access in finding staples for cooking.

The new kitchen retains the rich, warm elements that first made the couple fall in love with their home while aligning the design with modern-day conveniences and functionality. The result is a space perfect for holiday entertaining and everyday living.

Cedar Kitchen Island

The remodel included materials that complement the cedar wood throughout the home. – Jackson Design and Remodeling

Tatiana Machado-Rosas is a designer with Jackson Design and Remodeling. She can be reached at (619) 442-6125,,

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San Diego Union-Tribune

San Diego Union-Tribune
October 2014
JDR Designer Creates Dream Kitchen

JDR Designer Creates Dream Kitchen

By Nina Garin, posted 5 p.m. Oct. 24, 2014

JDR at the SPCA Walk for Animals

Tatiana Machado-Rosas — Photo by K.C. Alfred

At today’s American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) San Diego Kitchen and Bath tour, San Diegans will be able to see the work of some of the county’s most creative designers. One of the stops features a rustic, Zen-style kitchen in Del Mar by Tatiana Machado-Rosas.

(The self-guided ASID tour runs from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., see site for details.)

Machado-Rosas, 40, who works at Jackson Design & Remodeling, was born and raised in Mexico City, but spent some of her childhood years in Europe where the varied cultures and architecture inspired her aesthetic.

Machado-Rosas, who moved to San Diego from Tijuana in 1994, explains her passion for design and kitchens.

Q: Why should the general public be interested in the ASID San Diego Kitchen and Bath tour?

A: It gives the public the chance to see in person, instead of on TV or the computer, the latest trends and technology in kitchen and bath design. Homeowners that may be looking for an interior designer for a future project get to meet nine designers and see their portfolios. Even if you are not planning a home remodel yet, it is just a fun, inspiring way to spend the day with friends touring beautiful San Diego homes.

Q: When did you become interested in design?

A: My parents noticed that I was enthusiastic about drawing at a very early age, 3 or 4 years old. They always encouraged me to explore art and take art classes. My mom, a physician by profession, has a natural talent for decorating and she would always rearrange the furniture and accessories at home. I was fascinated watching her. One day, when I was 7, I told her that I wanted to help her make the room look prettier. When I got my own bedroom at age 8, I started paying attention to the look of my room — the colors, furniture and accessories. Since then I’ve never stopped.

Q: Why are you drawn to kitchens?

A: Because it not only involves creating a concept and suggesting a mix of materials and colors, it requires space planning, engineering, and the technical aspect of design. A well-designed kitchen is extremely technical, from planning the location of appliances and plumbing fixtures to determining the size of the cabinetry and moldings. Kitchens are really the heart of the home, the most-used space in our homes, and a very important ingredient in our daily lives.

Q: What are some of your favorite elements to include in a kitchen?

A: In addition to the basic appliances and plumbing fixtures, if the size of the kitchen allows it and if it fits the homeowner’s lifestyle, I like to add some of these elements: layers of lighting, great natural light, a coffee station, a secondary sink, a baking station, a wine refrigerator, an under-counter refrigerator, a desk with a computer or laptop, an area for kids to store school supplies, a pet storage and feeding station, a location for cookbooks, areas to display artwork or collectibles, a walk-in pantry.

Q: What do you think is overrated?

A: Microhoods – they are not as practical as they look and have a variety of functionality issues.

Q: What are some of your favorite memories from being in a kitchen?

A: Gatherings and celebrations with my family and friends. Everybody is in the kitchen cooking, helping, eating, talking, and enjoying each other’s company. Another memory I treasure is watching my grandmothers cook. When I visited, they would spend time with me in the kitchen and teach me while they cooked. The aroma of freshly made coffee will always remind me of my mother’s mother.

Q: You’ve won a lot of design awards, how important is hard work to you?

A: Both of my parents, but especially my father, taught me the value of hard work early in life. Unfortunately Mexicans have the stigma that we leave everything for “mañana” (tomorrow). He did not want his daughters to grow up with this mindset. After becoming a surgeon and accomplishing so many things in his professional career nationally and internationally, it was essential to him to teach us that hard work pays off. He has always told us to “set a goal, focus and work hard toward your goal.” I believe that when you work hard, great things happen in your life and this benefits the people that surround you.

Q: What is the best advice you ever received?

A: My grandmother and my parents told me: “Have faith in God and what he has planned for you, always think positively and work hard for what you want in life”.

Q: What is one thing people would be surprised to find out about you?

A: I am a fine artist and that I’ve sold some of my work. I’ve actually done paintings myself for the interiors of a few remodeling projects.

Q: Please describe your ideal San Diego weekend.

A: Being able to take a break from our typically busy schedule and spend time with my family. Wake up just a little later than usual and enjoy a cup of coffee with my husband while the kids wake up. Fix everyone breakfast without rushing and bake something special, then do some sightseeing together or visit the rest of our family somewhere in San Diego. We like to go to Balboa Park museums, Seaport Village, Coronado, Encinitas or Carlsbad. If I find some magical free time during the weekend, I enjoy practicing my art.

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