Specialty remodeling projects in San Diego encompass important details that distinguish your home from any other. A one-of-a-kind fireplace, staircase, door, wine closet or bar artfully expresses your personal taste and values. Custom remodeling with a thoughtfully designed laundry room or home office adds function and pleasure to the daily experience of your home. Specialty remodeling makes your environment beautiful, individual and memorable.

Incandescent Style

Hot Hearth

Modern Farmhouse Hearth

Textured Warmth

Seaside Shimmer

Hi-Tech Artistry

Hi-Tech Hearth

Modern Boho Warmth

Modern Heat

Contemporary Glow

All Seasons

Gather Round

Minimalist Drama

Fresh Elegance

Traditional Glow

Fireplace View

Rustic Textures

Bold Profile

Modern Zen

Corner Heat

Floating Modern

Timber Strand Floating Modern

Ascending Style

Traveling Stairs

Sweeping Entrance

Rustic Industrial

Gallery Stairs

Dramatic Curves

Artistic Passage

Dramatically Lit

Elegant Irish Pub

Conversation Starter

Sparkling Tradition

Entertaining Outlook

Convivial Gathering

Seductive Curves

Relaxed Elegance

Collector’s Delight

Modern Imbibing

Compact Style

Awash with Style

Laundry Luxury

Refreshing Mint

Chore Allure

Domestic Bliss

Clean Living

Executive Prestige

Study in Style

Imaginative Retreat

Haute Headquarters

Home Adventure

Gentleman’s Room

Artistic Loft

Geometric Serenity

Farmhouse Retreat

Warm Tranquility

Modern Retreat

Tranquil Sanctuary

Romantic Retreat

Restful Retreat

Dramatic Suite

Youthful Energy

Line Study

Farmhouse Welcome

Beach Home Blue

Gracious Welcome

Old World Hospitality

Coastal Charm

Contemporary Greeting

Lucky Red

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