Working with our San Diego Architects

Are you looking for a high level of design for your next project? Do you want to avoid the cookie cutter solutions you’ve seen in other homes? A home remodel presents an exciting opportunity to transform the environment where your family lives, works, plays and entertains. The architectural design discipline includes organizational and technical expertise; it also requires the intangible aspects of emotion, psychology, and artistry. To attain these skills requires years of formal education and a state license examination. Giving the responsibility of designing your new home to a draftsman or design consultant can often lead to inappropriate, inaccurate, and uninspired design solutions level.

Working with our San Diego Architectural Team, led by Licensed Architect Jim Groen, you have access to professionals with years of creative expertise and extensive industry knowledge. The JDR architectural team considers all relevant factors that influence your home’s specific challenges, and then creates a carefully considered design that expresses your individual aesthetics and lifestyle. During the design phase, ideas are fully reviewed and evaluated with the production department, accessing their field knowledge of how the new construction ties into your existing home’s structural and technical systems. With JDR architects and field personnel working together, construction documents are prepared efficiently and accurately, allowing a seamless transition from concept to reality. It’s important to note that contemporary design doesn’t have to be an “all or nothing” decision. Jackson Design and Remodeling will guide you as you decide what level of modern design you would like to see in your home. Whether you want to remodel your entire home, or start by reviving the kitchen, dining room, bathroom or office with a fresh, clean and modern look, our professional team is here to help.