Backyard Beauty: Tips for Outdoor Living in Your Whole Home Remodel

HimmelWhen you are fortunate enough to live in a beautiful environment like San Diego, it makes sense to take advantage of the area’s wonderful climate with expanded outdoor living space. If you are planning a whole home remodel, your outdoor space can be an integral part of your lifestyle when designed with the creativity and experience of a professional design team. Whether your focal point is an outdoor kitchen, a Zen-like pool, or a lush garden, a thoughtfully designed outdoor space adds a significant level of relaxation and pleasure to your home.

ZenPoolJackson Design and Remodeling was featured nationally in the June 2013 issue of at home Magazine in an article focused on outdoor living. In the article, “Expand Entertaining into Your Yard: 7 Outdoor Living Tips,” Todd Jackson talked about the difference between an outdoor living remodel and other types of remodeling projects: “… Unlike a kitchen or bathroom remodel, an outdoor space is purely a ‘want,’ says Todd Jackson, of Jackson Design & Remodeling in San Diego. ‘You’re drawn to a lifestyle – picturing yourself out there on a warm summer night.’ Similar to the popularity of spa-like master suites, homeowners want their outdoor area to provide an escape, a serene retreat.” The article closes with a quote from Todd: “… And though the spaces are popular with almost every demographic, Jackson says these types of projects are often more male-driven than the interior. ‘It’s like a man cave without the cave.’

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