Entertaining in Your Outdoor Living Space with an Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor1Long weekends inspire us to invite friends and family to share celebrations at home. An outdoor kitchen makes entertaining more expansive, adaptable and fun! Here are some ideas for the outdoor kitchen in your whole home remodel:

Integrated Space Planning
A design that integrates your indoor and outdoor kitchens allows for functional and appealing entertaining in any season. Think of your outdoor space as an extension of your home with easy flow and visual harmony. Thoughtful architecture and design will unify your indoor and outdoor spaces along with the surrounding natural environment.

outdoor2The Right Size
The space allowed for your outdoor kitchen starts with determining the size of your grill and the selection of any other appliances you want to include, from storage to wine refrigerators. Consider how you entertain and your typical group size to plan for a possible bar area and flexible seating.

Welcoming in any Weather
A successful outdoor living area and kitchen should be adaptable for comfort during chilly evenings and the hottest afternoons. Firepits, fireplaces, or heat lamps ease the chill, while a pergola or tall roof makes your outdoor kitchen more comfortable when temperatures rise.

outdoor3Weekend entertaining is even more enjoyable when your whole home remodel is designed to embrace indoor/outdoor living. A unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals can help guide you toward an outdoor living space that beautifully enhances your lifestyle, creating festive occasions and lasting memories.