Fire up the Grill! A Father’s Day Cookout in Your Own Backyard

Most Dads get excited at the prospect of manning the grill, whatever the occasion! In honor of Father’s Day, we’re taking a look at what to consider when you’re planning a grill or cooktop for the outdoor living area in your new home or  whole home remodel.

Plan the space. Think about how you will use your outdoor space and how you would like your grilling/cooking area to relate to the interior of your home. An expert design team can help you maximize your space for style and safety. If you have outdoor seating and sunbathing areas or a pool, you’ll want to take them into consideration as well. Protection from weather is a smart investment, from enclosures integrated with your home to a louvered roof with lighting, heating, cooling, and fans. Thoughtful materials, such as countertops and ground coverings that will stand up to repeated use and exposure to the elements, are essential.

Design for Indoor/Outdoor Living. Outdoor living spaces are most successful when they’re carefully integrated with your interior, both visually and functionally. Architects and designers help you create a space that’s distinct and inspiring while also looking as if it has always belonged with its surroundings.

Choose your heat. There are hundreds of grills to choose from, including wood, gas, charcoal or hybrid versions. Each type has a dedicated fan base, and we’re guessing the Dad in your family has an opinion!

Celebrating Dad in your own backyard makes for a fun, family-oriented, and memorable occasion. Working with a unified team of architects, designers, and construction professionals, your whole home remodel or new home can include an outdoor living space that makes every family gathering more fun!