Luxuriate in the Long Weekend: Outdoor Living Space for Your Whole Home Remodel

The first long weekend of the summer is here, a time when we truly appreciate having a welcoming outdoor living spacefor relaxing and entertaining. If you’re considering enhancing your whole home remodel with expanded outdoor space, here are a few ideas to keep in mind:

Maximize Your Space
weekend1The more planning in the beginning of a design, the smoother the process, and the more satisfying the result. Give some thought to how you will most often use your outdoor space. Our professional designers help you determine the elements and functionality you need to arrive at the most effective layout.

weekend2Balance: Inside and Out
The visuals of your interior and your outdoor space should make sense together while retaining some individuality. You’ll also want an easy navigation between inside and outside, especially when entertaining.

Shelter from the Elements
To use your outdoor living space as much as possible, it’s essential to provide some shelter from sun, shade, and rain, either architecturally weekend3or with accessories. Also think about a fire pit or fireplace, a welcome addition on chilly nights.

An expansive, well-designed outdoor living space is the ultimate in San Diego living. Working with our unified team of architects, designers, and construction professionals, you can arrive at an appealing design for outdoor living in your whole home remodelthat will make you wish every weekend is a long one!