Luxuriate in Long Weekends: Designing the Outdoor Living Space in Your Whole Home Remodel

HansonoutdoorLong weekends are a time when you truly appreciate having a welcoming outdoor living space to entertain friends and family. If you love to entertain outside, here are some ideas to keep in mind for the design of the outdoor living space in your whole home remodel:

Layout and Space Planning
The best design starts with careful thought given to how and when you will most often use your outdoor space. Will you cook often, or mostly entertain poolside? Do your gatherings tend to include families and small children? Would it be fun to watch sports on TV outside with a wellstaylorlarge group? Will you relax outside at night, or mostly during the day? Our professional designers help you imagine how you will use your space to arrive at the most effective layout. Starting with the focal point of your space, we help you select the elements that will work best for your lifestyle, from kitchens and BBQs to seating areas and surfaces.

Integrated Design
The design of your outdoor living space should be thoughtfully integrated with your interior, both functionally and visually. An easy flow between inside and outside is essential when you’re entertaining. You want a look that is distinctive, yet unified with the overall design of your whole home remodel.

poolballVersatility and Individuality
While we’re lucky to be able to enjoy our outdoor living spaces in San Diego more than in many other parts of the world, you’ll want to your outdoor living space to provide some shelter from the elements, either architecturally or with accessories. It’s also important that your space reflects your personality with elements that make it feel unique to you, such as creative lighting, bold colors, or artistic materials.

Inviting friends and family to enjoy an outdoor living space together is the ultimate in California living. With a memorable and unique space to entertain in your own backyard, you’ll want a long weekend every weekend!