Make Long Weekends at Home a Staycation with Luxurious Outdoor Living Design

With an outdoor living retreat in your own backyard, long weekends at home are the perfect escape from the ordinary. Whether designed around a pool, a deck, a patio, or a pretty garden, your outdoor living space can inspire relaxation, entertaining at home, and fun family gatherings that transform long weekends into fun lifetime memories.

In San Diego, we’re lucky to be able to spend almost every weekend of the year outside. When your whole home remodel or new home is designed to embrace nature, your whole house feels more expansive, inviting and comfortable. Outdoor living spaces allow you and your guests to fully appreciate the beauty of your home and its surroundings while benefiting from the peace of mind and rejuvenation that fresh air and sunshine impart. Enjoy these beautiful examples of backyard getaways and start planning your weekend and everyday oasis!

Breathtaking Coastal Views
This coastal home was designed with outdoor living spaces on multiple levels to take advantage of breathtaking views of nearby Sunset Cliffs. Several decks now allow the clients to enjoy the beauty of their surroundings during casual family and friends time, as well as more elegant occasions. Movie nights on the deck take on a whole new charm with the Pacific Ocean as a backdrop. Heaters and fans keep the space comfortable in any season.

Colorful Family Resort
The guest house, main home, outdoor kitchen/living area, and pool of this colorful historical home meld the history of the home with the energy of a young family in a space that feels like a comfortable resort. The outdoor living space is thoughtfully organized in an appealing design. Covered patios instead of a second story achieve the goal of expanded outdoor living space while meeting the historical requirement to not add mass dominating the original structure. 

Mountain View Retreat
Protected by a luxury louvered roof that can easily adapt for more sun or shade, this outdoor living space for a mountain view retreat overlooks a pool and a stunning view beyond. The space encompasses a full outdoor kitchen with a BBQ and pizza oven, along with a comfortable seating area surrounding an artistic fire pit. Integrated heating and lighting take this space from day to night in any season.

Having space at home that feels like a vacation resort adds to the daily enjoyment of your dwelling. And, a design that embraces surrounding nature makes your home feel more authentically connected to its neighborhood while giving you the ultimate appreciation of alone time or sharing with friends and family. Maximize the potential of your home with the help of professional architects and designers who can help bring your weekend dreams for your home to life.