Staycation Long Weekend: Outdoor Living for Your Whole Home Remodel or Custom Home

On long weekends an outdoor living space with all the elements you need to relax and entertain makes your own home the ideal getaway. Our professional design team works with you to create stunning outdoor living spaces for your whole home remodel or custom home that embrace your natural surroundings.

Here are some elements to consider:

Space Planning for a Pool
Many outdoor living spaces in San Diego include a pool as the centerpiece of the space. When you’re integrating a pool, a professional designer can help you determine the best placement for the pool and other essentials of outdoor living with smart space planning. The outdoor living space on a grand scale shown here includes a pool as a central element along with a cabana, several seating areas, a fire pit, an outdoor kitchen, and space dedicated to billiards and ping pong.

Entertaining with Style
Design for easy navigation between your interior and exterior is essential. While you’ll want a distinct look for your outdoor space, it’s important that it relates visually with your interior. Our professional designers are experts in integrating indoor/outdoor living both visually and functionally.

Versatility in Any Weather
San Diegans are lucky to live with agreeable weather for outdoor living almost any time of year. A smart design should still include elements that protect from both rain and intense sun. Planning with different types of weather in mind, accommodating for sun and shade, day and nighttime enjoyment, means you’ll get the most use from your space.

With a thoughtfully designed outdoor living space, every weekend feels longer and more enjoyable! When you work with a unified team of architects, designers, and construction professionals, you can live in a space that embraces your lifestyle and encourages relaxation and entertaining.