Trend Watch: Year Round Indoor/Outdoor Living for Your New Home or Whole Home Remodel

In exploring emerging design trends, we found that year-round connection to the outdoors at home has become even more essential to physical, mental and spiritual wellness. Expansive outdoor living areas with full outdoor kitchens and louvered roofs make these spaces functional at any time of day and in any weather. Here are ideas for outdoor living when you’re planning your new home or whole home remodel.

Seaside Innovation
Expansive and visually invigorating, this outdoor living space in a home with artistic contemporary architecture inspires daily enjoyment. Innovative remote control screens pull down from the ceiling, providing wind and sun protection while not blocking surrounding views. A louvered roof, a fireplace, and recessed infrared heating elements combine for a sense of luxurious comfort in any weather. A BBQ area and entertainment center complete the sensation of relaxed and elegant living with a connection to the beautiful natural surroundings.

Contemporary Zen
Massive glass doors designed with innovative technology open with the touch of a finger onto the courtyard and private Zen garden in this California Contemporary home, dramatically improving light and circulation. The layout creates visual unity between indoor and outdoor living. A water feature, BBQ, and stylish seating areas make the outdoor space as welcoming and comfortable as the indoor space.

Family Focus
This cabana addition for a stunning retreat on two acres of rolling hills was thoughtfully planned to accommodate large groups while still feeling cozy for small family time gatherings. Glass doors enclose the cabana on three sides to capture the views of the South slope as well as the outdoor living area and surrounding hills.

Integrating indoor/outdoor space is a decision that expands your living space and brings the calm and beauty of natural surroundings inside. Especially now, when our homes are serving multiple purposes, embracing fresh air and more space significantly enhances comfort and functionality. Our unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals can help you create your own unique vision for an outdoor living space that full embraces the San Diego lifestyle.