Warm up Summer Evenings: Add a Fire Pit to Your Outdoor Living Space

meyerfireNo matter how hot the day, evenings in California usually get a little cool. A fire pit in your outdoor living space extends the time you can enjoy relaxing and entertaining after the sun goes down. Fire pits bring the time-honored ritual of gathering around the fire together to the modern home environment. Here are some ideas when you’re considering a fire pit for your backyard:

Permanent fire pits are typically made of stone, clay, or brick and burn wood, gas or propane. Your design can be as individual as any other part of your home with a style to complement décor from traditional to ultra modern.

Fire pits designed with a stylish cover can do double duty as a table when the fire is not burning. Wonderful centerpieces for outdoor entertaining, fire pits are also cozy additions to your space for simple relaxation time. You can also cook on a firepit, anything from toasted marshmallows to full meals, depending on the fire pit type and design.williamsfire

You’ll want to check any regulations in your community about the use of a fire pit and restrictions about the type. Since safety is essential in the design of your fire pit, working with a professional team for planning, design and installation is ideal.

Gathering around a fire pit has a captivating appeal and adds practical functionality to your outdoor living space. Working with a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals, you can explore the many possibilities and find the perfect fire pit to heat up your backyard design!