Weekends to Remember: Entertaining in Your Outdoor Living Space

burchby_outdoorWhen the weekend arrives and you’ve invited friends over there’s no need to keep the party inside if you have a beautiful outdoor living space. Love to entertain? Here are some ideas to keep in mind for the design of the outdoor living space in your whole home remodel:

Entertaining Style
Are your events usually an intimate group gathered together for a meal fresh from the grill? Do you like to invite a friendly crowd over to watch sports on TV? Is a family pool party your favorite way to have fun? All of these aselageoutdoorlifestyle questions are essential when you’re working with a professional designer to establish the best layout and space planning for your outdoor living. Starting with the focal point of your space, we help you select the elements that will work best for how you entertain, from kitchens and BBQs to seating areas and smart technology.

Balanced Design
While you’ll want a distinct look for your outdoor space, it’s important that it relates visually with your interior. Our professional designers are experts in integrating indoor/outdoor living both visually and functionally.

navarrawineNo Matter the Weather
We’re lucky to enjoy more livable days in our outdoor living spaces in San Diego than in many other parts of the world. Still, a smart design includes elements that protect from both rain and intense sun. If you’ll be entertaining at night frequently, you may want to consider a fireplace or fire pit.

Welcoming friends and family into an inspiring outdoor living space is one of the joys of San Diego living! When you work with a unified team of architects, designers, and construction professionals, you can live in a space that embraces your life and style.