Welcome Spring with Indoor/Outdoor Living in Your Whole Home Remodel

outdoordiningSpring arrives this weekend, fresh with inspiration to start anew. When you’re planning a whole home remodel, integrating indoor/outdoor space (one of our design team’s Top 2016 Design Trends) is a decision that expands your home’s living space and enhances your lifestyle. Here are some ideas to explore:

Smart Space Planning
How will you most often use your space and which elements are most important? Indoor/outdoor living for entertaining large groups will be planned differently than space designed for quiet retreats or small family gatherings. The number of people who will typically congregate in the space determines the ideal size. A professional designer can help you visualize your dream for your home.

navarraeveningNight and Day Entertaining
When you love to entertain, easy navigation between your interior and exterior is essential. You’ll also want to plan your design to accommodate both daytime and nighttime events by considering shade elements, water features, lighting, and heat sources such as an outdoor fireplace or fire pit.

wellsoutdoorChoose a Focal Point
Whether your focal point is an outdoor kitchen, a garden, or a deck with a view, choosing a focal point for your outdoor space creates a more appealing and welcoming design. Working with a professional designer, you can explore the possibilities for your particular space.

Connecting with nature calms the mind and is good for overall health and wellness. A thoughtfully designed outdoor space for your whole home remodel adds luxurious relaxation and pleasure to your home. Our unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals can help you create your own unique vision for an outdoor living space that makes the most of San Diego living.