2019 National Chrysalis Award for Whole Home $300,000 to $700,000


2019 National Chrysalis Award for Whole Home $300,000 to $700,000


This extensive whole home remodel was designed for a couple with two children who moved from a rural environment and wanted to embrace coastal living in their home situated in a quirky bohemian beach town. The couple appreciated the history of the existing adobe and wanted to retain some of its character. They’re also art lovers who are inspired by color and creative ideas. The decision to retain the existing adobe structure and push through the middle with an exciting modern structure makes an innovative design statement balancing original character with modern ideas – the future rushing by the past. Taking advantage of its location on a slope that affords incredible views of the ocean, the architecture was designed as high as possible within coastal restrictions. The architectural design proportions and colors of the home are inspired by the artist Mondrian, known for bold hues and disciplined geometrics. The interior was designed with careful attention to golden ratio proportions and courageous use of color, which is one of the clients’ favorite aspects of their new home.

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