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If you live in San Diego and you’ve started thinking about remodeling your home, one of the first steps is conducting in-depth research to find the best design build remodeler for the job. The prospect of hiring a contractor can feel overwhelming. For most of us, a home remodel is one of the most significant investments we will make. It can be daunting to understand where to start, what to look for and what to avoid, and how to make a final decision about remodeling contractors that will be in and around your home for many months. Following some remodeling guidelines can make you feel confident about choosing a trustworthy and talented team to help you update your home.

Hiring a Contractor for Your Remodel

Before you begin a search for the right remodeling team, it’s essential to know what you’re looking for. Take time to write out the overall parameters of your project, including the size and style of your current home, what you want to change or add, and what is most important to you in terms of finding the ideal contractors for the job. For instance, if you have an imminent lifestyle change in your family, such as a new baby or a parent moving in, sometimes speed and budget could be more critical than award-winning architecture. You may need to build a room addition or ADU for more space. On the other hand, if you’re planning to make some dramatic changes to a home you plan to live in for a lifetime, your primary concern could be finding a firm that will provide a high level of artistry and vision during the remodeling process. You may entertain frequently and having a state-of-the-art kitchen is important to you. At this stage, it’s a good idea to explore the current rates for the type of project you have in mind. Even if it’s just a broad range, you can be better prepared when you ask for an estimate.

Research Remodeling Companies in San Diego

Online is a natural place to begin in the research phase. Start by delving into a contractor’s portfolio to see if they have multiple examples of previous projects similar to the type of home and level of design you’re looking for. Next, check out their staff page and assess the level of professionalism and experience on their team. Look for any special awards or press mentions that indicate both talent and authenticity. Make notes as you go along of any follow up questions you may have for a prospective contractor.

Word of Mouth Contractor Referrals

Some of the best leads come from people we know and trust. If you have friends or family members who have recently completed a remodeling project, ask them for their recommendations. Even with the referral of a friend or relative however, you’ll still want to do your due diligence as circumstances change and each project is different.

In-Person Interviews to Discuss the Remodel

Before you make a final decision about your contractor, an in-person interview is an important step. This is usually prefaced with a phone call and screening opportunity, during which the contractor will want to know some details about your project. Be prepared to provide information about your home, the work required, and a budget range. In addition to answering questions, you’ll want to ask some. Licensed remodeling contractors should be able to easily provide the following information during your interview:

  • Year business was established
  • License number
  • Insurance certificates
  • Any other accreditations, such as certified kitchen or certified bath designers, or green remodeling certification
  • References from clients you can contact, with projects similar to yours

This phase of choosing a contractor can tell you a lot about how the firm operates and how it will provide the services you require. Professionalism and attention to client service are critical for a major remodeling project. Pay attention to how long it takes for the contractor to return phone calls, if they arrive for the interview on time and without rescheduling, how complete and accurate the information they provide is, and how amenable the contractor is to answer questions and provide details.

In addition, don’t just get references; be sure to call them. During this important step, ask about the quality of the contractor’s work, how responsive they were to questions and concerns, how they respected safety and privacy on the job site, and how it was working with their subcontractors. Finally, ask if there is anything they wish they had done differently and if they are completely satisfied with the results of their project.

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